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I guess you stumbled by searching for lord knows what on the internet and then found… this.  You’re probably wondering what kind of odd being would compile such a collection of thoughts, ideas, images, projects, interests and everything else I’ve crammed into this page.  With no further ado, I give you: me.

I’m Katy, or KT, whichever you prefer.  Perhaps you’re right that I’m a little abnormal, then again what is normal nowadays-we’ve spent years teaching our kids that swimming against the school is the way to go, so it’s now perfectly normal to be not quite normal.

The facts: I live in Austin, Texas, and recently got my MA in Political Science.  I attempt to make the most of life by living it to the fullest, which is not hard to do in a town like Austin where there are soo many things to do at any given time.  I try to keep myself cultured through doing all kinds of arts activities, crafting, acting, writing, and being and am currently eating my way through town-quite literally, I’m a bit of a foodie.  Otherwise I try to keep life interesting as best I can and attempt to travel as much as my tiny budget will allow. I’m trying to expand my repertoire as an artisan and photographer and have a photo a day project I’ve been working on for over a year now and I’ve recently taken quite a shine to costuming.

Likes: vizslas, pomegranates, outdoors, Austin, history, people watching, whimsy, food, design, natural beauty, photography, architecture, teaching, learning, volunteerism, tourism, cooking, reading, the smell of mint chocolate, Chris Cornell’s voice, human interaction, alizarin crimson, oil painting, brewing, lawn gnomes, costuming, arranging tablescapes, Turkish terrycloth bathrobes, rare meats, compliments, technology, the warmth of sitting next to someone, jewelry, sunlight, listening to people speak languages I don’t know, the clearance section at a book store, pink Himalayan salt.

Dislikes: judgmental people, negativity, vinegar based substances, the smell of greens-turnip, collard, you name it, dingy things, pretentious people, comic sans, Martha Jones as a companion on Dr. Who, high pitched noises, Styrofoam rubbing together, chicken on the bone, the taste of coffee, closed minds, sheets with less than 500 thread count, lying.

What’s up with the site name? Well I love Lovecraft and I love crafts, so I figured it was a decent way to go, and it was suggested by a friend of mine who has a mind for marketing, so glad you asked.

Whatever you came here for, I sincerely hope that you can Enjoy.


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