Epic Eats: KaProw Sushi and Thai in Austin, Texas

I’ve been looking for fun and exciting new experiences and things to eat in 2015. We decided to head in to KaProw Sushi and Thai in north Austin as I’m feeling out my new surroundings up here and still haven’t found a solid Thai place and found great Foursquare reviews for the price, selection, and quality at this neighborhood gem.



We started with the appetizer with the most fun name: the Avocano which is a hot (probably baked) avocado, with crab meat and spicy mayo on top with a touch of caviar. This thing was absolutely delicious, so much so the beau and I are already planning how to recreate this thing at home and variants. The heating of the avocado leaves it creamy which plays well off the saltiness to the caviar, the spiciess of the mayo, and the slight lemon acidity to the crab.


Because I’m a glutton for crab, I also grabbed the Blue Crab Fried Rice which was super solid, especially at the cheap price. I would have added bean sprouts (and will when I go back) but the overall flavor was great and I could tell the crab didn’t come out of a can or something and was fresh.


Finally, even the fortune cookie reminded me that I really need to finish my law school apps.

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