DIY Home Improvement: Spraypainting Switchplates

Take a second to look at your switch plate in whatever room you are in. Is it old and yellowed plastic that maybe has chipped paint on the screw and more than a little dinginess from being repeatedly touched? Good news, that’s relatively normal. Bad news, for $7 you can redo all the plates in your house and you haven’t done it yet.

I decided I was tired of staring at the ones in the house, bought a bottle of Rustoleum Ultimates in Antique Nickel, laid them out on a trash bag with the screws in, spent 20 mins painting and touching up, and boom. I even had over half of the bottle left so I get to come up with other ideas.



We are already talking about using the Oil Rubbed Bronze on the two rooms that tend in that direction over silver/nickel/stainless and can use the rest or the can on refinishing the living room furniture next weekend because things turned out so well. IMG_1509 As you can see in this pic, they look better than the subpar groutwork the previous owners did, but also that they have a little sparkliness in direct light (seen here from the undermount Ikea Dioder pack) but that they otherwise look just the right amount of shiny and from a distance it is hard to tell that they aren’t metal.

If you’re worried about scratching, you can always hit it with a coat of varnish.


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