Drafthouse Diaries: Selma on MLK Day

I’m not going to lie, one of my favorite parts to seeing a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse (aside from the no talking/texting/babies/arriving late policy, the great 35 MM offerings, the special events, the and the food) is the preshow. The Drafthouse always puts premium effort into making sure I see something new and exciting that relates to whatever I plan to watch by creating unique and engaging preshows.

Drafthouse Selma

I was particularly impressed by the effort that went in to the preshow for Selma, which I waited to watch on MLK Day as part of my celebration thereof. The preshow for this movie included actual historic footage of Civil Rights protests that were intercut with documentary interviews with the participants so you got to not only see and hear but feel the events leading up to Selma. As a bonus, several of the people interviewed and shown were also characters in the film.

I had been very nervous about watching this movie because, despite the fact that I know my Civil Rights history and that there’s a good ending, I also know all the not so good that happens in between and had been having a hard time not crying just watching the previews for this movie. I teared up multiple times in the preshow watching people being beaten and berated.

I *did* manage to make it through the film without openly crying… in two scenes just barely. Having seen the film, I am more floored than before that it didn’t get more Academy Award nominations. The cinematography was excellent and you can’t tell me that there were not outstanding acting noms to be had, especially with the other items nominated this and in the previous few years.

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