Thrifty Thursday: Gourmet Cooking Oils

I love Homegoods, I get all manner of home decor, kitchen wares, and even food there. My biggest pleasure is all the odd food they have- artisan oils, ancient grains, and great confection supplies at great prices. We’ve been playing around with oils starting with a dented can of Walnut oil I picked up there a few months back. It was followed up with hazelnut oil, sunflower seed oil, truffled oil, and now this, a great set of fun new oils including pistachio oil, which I’ve never even heard of. I’m excited to get to incorporate these into fun new recipes and to replenish my much-loved hazelnut oil stash. In case you’re wondering, hazelnut oil lends an earthy nuttiness to everything and is great for savory foods in general.

I grabbed this artisan nut oil trio for under $20 and think it was money well spent.


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