Dinner Party on a Dime: Super Kaiju Party Deluxe Edition

Having just wrapped up a long stint of show after show after show for both of us, there’s no better way to celebrate than a fun-filled game night with friends. I love to up the ante with great menus and themes for our get-togethers. This one was Asian-inspired with a full slate of our Asian themed games, a full menu of Asian foods, and kaiju movies.

The Games:
-King of Tokyo– Players are kaiju attacking the city of Tokyo and must manage life points, victory points, and power points to buy exciting powers and game changers in this fun resource management game for 2-4 players. Several expansions are available with add new layers to the game and allow it to accommodate 6 players.
-Tsuro, The Game of the Path– This one is a simple tile-placing game. Players place tiles which have 4 paths on them and move their pieces along the connected paths while trying to remain on the board. Opposing players are forced to follow paths which connect with their own to make things competitive but fun.
Hanabi– An interesting cooperative game in which players represent a team of pyrotechnic experts whose fireworks have gotten jumbled. Players must hold their decks facing away from themselves and receive hints from other players as to which cards to play or discard. Cards must be played in ascending order of 1-5 with the correct corresponding color. Higher card values are rarer, with only one of each 5 available.
-Munchkin Fu– It’s Asian themed Munchkin.
We also had Shoei, Csai, and Ninja available but didn’t get around to them.

The Decor:
For this particular game night, I didn’t care much because the food was going to do most of the talking. I did dress up Boris, our chalk board pig, for the occasion of course and we do have Miguel, our giant rope octopus, but otherwise I had to rely on all the fun chopsticks and Asian dishes and platters I have lying around.

The Food:

This was a full on multi-course buffet of me getting all manner of previously uneaten Asian goods out of my house in a single go and it worked like a charm.
Sushi Starters
First off, we did buy some sushi. I had this original idea of making my own and still have that dream for one mysterious day in the future, but for now, we grabbed some stuff on special at HEB because we woke up late and are cheap. It didn’t matter because this sushi was gone in a matter of about 2 hours.

1401054772935Pro-Tip: Make your own spicy mayo by taking Japanese Kewpie mayo, adding a touch of sriracha, and a dash of Miracle whip. Get the Kewpie mayo at your local Asian market.

Asian Slaw and Krab Stick Party Massacre
I had envisioned bothering to make spring rolls filled with Asian slaw, but people ate my cooked Asian slaw before I even had time to worry about wrappers.  I cheated by grabbing a bag of a pre-made Asian salad from the grocery store and just cooked it in a pan with a little water. Everyone destroyed it while I was cooking the Krab to go with.
The krab, which was originally the “meat” for my spring rolls ended up also being devoured before I had a time to wrap it in something. I just picked up frozen krab from the store, tossed it in a wok with some ponzu, a little lemon juice, some soy sauce, and some lemon pepper. It was gone pretty much as soon as I put it down. I felt like I was actually feeding kaiju.  By the time I got to take a pic of it, there was only this measly serving left.
To appease my voracious guests, I then threw together a quick Asian inspired soup. For the base I used water and beef Better than Bouillon, to which I added eggs, green onions, shittake mushrooms, cubed tofu, and some kale.
I then followed my base fried rice recipe and added a bag of Asian mix veggies and a bag of peas and carrots. We also grilled some chiken breasts and some beef with teriyaki sauce for people to add to their rice as desired. The meat was eaten so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to take a pic of it. We marinated it in a mix of teriyaki sauce, ponzu, and soy sauce for a few hours before grilling it. Apparently it was delicious.


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