Kitchen Experiment 4,922.5: Post Party Cheeky Brekky

What do you do with post-party leftovers? I had a few too many of my mini bangers but was fresh out of mash. The natural answer is to create a rousing brunch to motivate post-party cleaning. I toasted up some English muffins, tossed the remaining mini bangers on it, topped it with a poached egg, and classed it up with a garnish of leftover breadcrumbs.

I also celebrated the arrival of spring by eating it on the deck, our first outdoor meal of the season.


All in all it came out rather delicious and so it’s something I will definitely revisit again.


I will note that it did pair well with the Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear cider that we  picked up on a whim which will likely also get revisited at some point.


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