Thrifty Thursday/Epic Eats: Gourdough’s Public House Movie Nights

Let me begin this post with a bit of what many people will find to be sadness: I’m really just not that into doughnuts. There, I said it. Because of this, I have never visited Gourdough’s as a food trailer. I’ve been curious about their pub location which moved into the spot that Kerbey lane South Lamar vacated last year, but with so many good options also in the area- Red’s Porch, Torchy’s, Baker St. Pub, Kerbey Lane, Rockin’ Tomato, there just hadn’t been a time where I was like “hey, let’s go get doughnuts and whatever else they might serve there.

Fortunately for me I had a business contact come into town that wanted to be shown some authentic Austin and we stopped by after Matt’s Famous El Rancho for some dessert on a Thursday. Little did I know that on Thursday they feature a Movie Night and some great specials- $2 off burgers, $2 off Texas beers and drinks, and weekly drink specials pertaining to the movie. Also, the particular Thursday in question was a Rocky Horror Picture Show movie night, for the added bonus.


The interior of the building is entirely different from when it was a Kerbey, for starters they have really developed the front patio into a place people want to be. The rest of the interior is a rustic industrial modern that pretty much reminds you of playing TF2. I approve. Tables are made of reclaimed wood, lighting is industrial but was so dim we felt like we were in a mine. Bathrooms are well-designed, brightly lit, and festively colored with a very 40’s theme. 1392950186265

My guests had several beverages, the drink menu was innovative and fun comparable in styling and price to Frank downtown. The regular menu was interesting enough that I will be back to try some of their regular food. Very gastropub chic.

We ordered 2 doughnuts, not realizing that either of the two would have fed the three of us and a third world country. The first, the holy balls, came in a caldron. It involves doughnut holes, roasted peanuts, butter cream icing, and sea salted caramel. It is in a single word fantastic. Salty and sweet, hot and creamy with a touch of crunch. It’s also a sugar rush. Eating more than 3-4 of these balls could give you contact diabetes. 1392950328859

Our second choice was The Ring of Fire, a fabulous spicy chocolate monstrosity that pitches 3 flavors of chocolate with habanero for a combo reminiscent of the Chocolate Love at Green Pastures. As a testament to the epicness of the Holy Balls, I actually preferred a non-chocolate product to the chocolate one. I am relatively certain this is a first time occurrence. They were both good, but those balls were just delightful. 1392950340429

Anyway, that’s all I have to report at this time. Definitely more than worth it as a dessert spot. I will let you know about the rest of their menu at a later date. 1392950355130

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