A Great Gift Guide for Geeky Guys in General

Every year I have to struggle to get something for my guy, just like any other self-respecting woman who gets her guy something nice because, frankly, ad agents these days suck at marketing things for gifts for men of the geeky persuasion. I put together this guide of things that guys actually want.

$25 and under


Priced at $.82 with free shipping (yes, you read that right) you can make sure your guy has a bottle opener available for any trips because it’s handily crafted into a ring and made out of industrial grade aluminum. With the Bottle Opener Ring, never wonder where your bottle opener is and it works for geeky dads just as well as drunken frat boy gamers.

ONE TRIP Bag Carrier

Nothing says “manly” like taking all the groceries inside in one trip. The best way to do it without losing all sensation in your fingers is the One Trip Bag Handle, which lets you hold on to the bags with a convenient padded grip. At $8.00 for two, it’s a no brainer for the geek in your life.


Priced under $10 this adapter will let your man charge USB devices in his vehicle cigarette lighter. As a bonus, since there are two ports, you can also charge your stuff. If you get the higher wattage versions, you can even charge a computer.


How often do you get to have fun under $10? This Lego Light Switch Cover has fun and function, first off you can put any legos you want on it, and secondly if you’re lucky enough to have a Zip Zip USB drive on your keychain, you can also attach your keys to your light switch for safekeeping. BONUS! Great for the design geek, toy geek, Lego geek, and if you get the Zip Zip, the techno geek in all of us.


What’s cooler than drinking microbrew beer? Drinking microbrew beer with Nerf Guns, d’uh. This product brings you the best of both worlds. Not only is it a bottle opener, but it then allows you to fling the bottlecap to wherever you want by pulling the trigger. Plus, the name is the Cap Zappa and you just have to respect a name like that. At around $10 it’s great for the beer geeks, the toy geeks, the soda geeks, and the mischievous kid in all of us.


Nothing says awesome like Ninjas, so make pretend that maybe a few came into your place and tried to take you out with some Ninja throwing stars. Best part? You totally killed them but left the stars in your wall to hold your jacket, bag, whatever. Now you can have that without the part where you have to kill ninjas with this Ninja Star Wall Hanger Kit. It’s just over $10.00 and is guaranteed to be awesome for all the non-team pirate geeks you know.


The perfect gift for any geek, Funko POP! figureines come in all geek varieties- Disney, Superhero, Movies, Games, Pop Culture, and even Breakfast Cereal, they have Game of Thrones, Muppets, Big Lebowski, The Avengers, Ninja Turtles, Domokun, all manner of 80s cartoons, Wizard of Oz, and a seemingly infinite barrage of others. They range in price from ~$6.00 to ~$15.00 for most standard sized models. As a bonus you can get special variants on Amazon from SDCC, etc. Which one is right for your geek?



Does your geek travel quite a bit for work? Does he have a cat? Does he want to become a superhero? This $15.00 Ultraviolet LED Mini Flashlight can help him see the unseen and uses only 3AA batteries to do it. Small enough to use at any time to ward of vampires and other creatures of the night. Great for techno geeks, sciencey geeks, sci fi geeks, and gadgety geeks.


The Sticky Note Roller delves out hot pink sticky note tape that is easy to remove from a convenient paint roller. Notes can be as short or long as the heart desires for under $15.00. Great for the forgetful geek, the design geek, or the artsy geek in your life.


If your geek hates germs, travels quite a bit, gets sick a lot, or is a sucker for the ridiculously cool we offer up this VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer. It’s under $20 and keeps that thing sanitary. What more could you want?

Photojojo Cell Phone Camera Lenses

Face it, everyone is a top notch photog now that we have cameras on our smart phones all the time. Get ready to up your game with the Photojojo smart device lens set. Add fisheye, macro, polarized, and more high quality lenses to your repertoire. Just attach an aluminum ring to your phone case with an included adhesive and then the lenses can be attached by the magical force that is magnetism. Lenses run $20 each and are great for the photography geek, design geek, technophile or even spy geek.


For $20 you can beef up the awesome factor for your rechargeable batteries with a USB Cell battery 2-pack. The cap comes off and they charge via USB. Guaranteed to charge in 5 hours. Great for technophiles, gamers who blast through controller battery packs, and geeks with respect for innovative form for function.

UZI pen

Pens haven’t changed much in the last 30 years. Men need an awesome and awe inspiring tactical pen the likes of which McGuyver would have relished and Rambo would have used to sign legal documents. Good news, the UZI Tactical Pen offers all the epicness you would expect for $20.00. What geek wouldn’t want a ridiculously tactical pen that’s made out of aircraft aluminum and comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty? transformer-flash-drive-32gb-thumb


Face it, guys remember the days when their meals came with a free toy. This awesome Transformers USB drive totally transforms from a stick into the Decepticon Ravage and back again when you’re done. Great for 80’s cartoons fans, toy geeks, and technophiles and weighs in at under $20.00 for a 32GB drive.


Whether it’s late at night or just that you work in dark conditions, you need the laptop/desktop equivalent of a book light. As a bonus you can have an astronaut that seems to float in space to get the job done. This Astronaut USB Light will fit the bill and up his geek cred for around $25.00.


Charging your phone or other micro USB devices used to mean remembering a cumbersome charger. Enter the NOMAD Chargecard, a successful Kickstarter project that eliminates the need to remember a silly corded charger. The NOMAD folds flat to fit in your wallet and provides a USB to micro USB adapter/charger for those who may have forgotten or who just want to be discreet. Great for spy lovers, technophiles, and the forgetful geek.

Coming in at $25 the Concrete iPhone Case isn’t just ruggedly cool, the Luna case was actually designed to resemble the surface of the moon and no two are alike. Great for a technophile, a guy who is hard on his gadgets, or a typical space geek.


Under $50


Does your guy love things: beer, tools, cooking, cheeses, type fonts, cats, movies, music, or tech, then Pop Chart Labs has a poster that he would love. They specialize in infographic-looking categorical posters. Most of them are between $25 and $50, but the Magnificent Multitude of Beers shares all the varietals, what kind of glass to put them in, and a complete web of their connections in 60″ x 40″ size and will set you back $90. It’s smaller cousin, The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer is shown above for $32, but there is an even less extensive version that’s $24 and would look great with their Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols, which is $28. They also have a poster of fictional beers, songs related to Paul McCartney, Cheeses, Kitchen Utensils, and most everything else that can be categorized. Update: This just in, their Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names poster is up on Fab for under $15 and several of their other great posters are also on Fab, the Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols is only $14, so check them out on Fab and save some cash.


If your guy is into PPRPGs, then he needs dice. Also, basically every quintessential geek needs at least one set of RPG dice, it’s an unwritten rule. Even Steven Colbert has some on his mantle from his show set. If you want your guy to stand out from the crowd when it comes to dice, you have several options (we will discuss exotic woods as our next item of business) but if you’re doing plastic, Q-Workshops offers the most exciting and unique designs on the market. They have many branded lines (Legend of 5 Rings, Warhammer, Arkham Horror, Deadlands, Pathfiner and even Steve Jackson’s Munchkin) as well as some very interesting designs of their own (Steampunk, Elven, Dwarven, Nuke, etc.) that fit a variety of settings. Best of all, they’ve come down in price so most standard sets are under $25, and they also offer single dice that are even more affordable still. Did I mention they have a Call of Cthulu set that glows in the dark? In addition to being available from their site, which may have some hefty shipping because they are in the Czech Republic, many game stores in the US also carry Q-Workshop dice.


Nothing says, “best girlfriend/wife ever” like being a total enabler to his PPRPG habit in style. You could buy some of Crystal Caste’s Dwarven Dice, but they’ve been out for a while and are actually really small compared to normal RPG dice and might be hard to read depending on your stone choice. Instead, we present you with Artisan Dice, get a regular RPG set out of literally over 100 different wood selections varying in price from a mere $25.00 up to $250+. All dice can be customized, are crafted by hand, laser etched with numbers, finished, and come in a cool wooden dice vault. If you missed out on the wood dice vault Kickstarter from Wyrmwood last year, this is basically the same general design but it comes with your order. As an added bonus, the company is also big on donating to worthwhile causes and recently gave to the Wounded Warrior Project and donated a horde to dice at BGG Con last year, so you’re supporting a company with a soul. Protip: They also have a set of 3 very very nice D20s for Valentine’s Day that’s $91.00 and a limited edition so snatch one if you have the kind of money for that. There’s also nothing against asking him to get it for you, gamer girls out there. geekchic-_deckflask_-003_1

Geek Chic Labs is known for being the go to company for well-made heirloom quality custom gaming furniture and was recently funded for expansion via Shark Tank, but they also make accessories and if your guy is into collectable card games, they’ve got him covered in style with their Deck Flasks, available in a variety of wood finishes (cherry, maple, or walnut) and sizes (a 60 card flask is $27, and a 100 card is $35 and there’s a size in between). Most importantly, they’re not one of those cheap plastic things that are also sold as cigarette pack holders, but the real deal for the discerning gamester and artisan in all of us.

The Quirky Pivot Power Adapter ($29 at Amazon) is a power adapter which has pivotable nodes, meaning that those annoying large adapters that take up 2 or more other outlets on traditional powerstrips can go anywhere on this one. It comes in black or white with several accent colors available. It is also available at Target. This is useful for pretty much anyone who uses a power adapter.


Need a desk but you’re short on space? This nifty CES award winner Secret Compartment Keyboard Organizer adds not only a full keyboard to your iPhone/pad or Android device, but has a secret compartment below it to keep your office supplies/important documents/clutter in check. It even has 4 pen holders for around $30.00. Great for tecnomancers with phones and tablets, the slightly messy, or the spy fan amongst us.


At $35.00 Google Chromecast is the next step in the digital TV evolution, now you can take anything from your phone or tablet and throw it onto your TV. Think of the implications, LOLCatz on the big screen, TV shows without a DVR or Netflix device for your bedroom TV, parties where anyone can fling their fun clips up for all to see.


Natural wood speakers for your phone are all the rage and exist in a variety of forms, but this simple bamboo one beats the grammaphone horn ones on price as well as the simplicity of its form factor. Check out the iBam Natural Bamboo Speaker for under $40.00. Great for audiophiles, design lovers, and the naturalist.

Under $100

Adventure Set

Want your guy to be ready to go on an adventure in style? Look no further than this Adventure Kit from Tumblewees Handcraft for the 9-function multitool and sunglasses combo that says “dapper outdoorsman” great for any adventure-urban or not. Wonderous for the discerning gentleman geek, the craftsman geek, or just the geek that keeps misplacing the corkscrew on your romantic adventures. Best part, that’s 100% wood that’s handcrafted on sale from Fab at $79.00. Protip: that bag it comes with is perfect for making paneer cheese on your adventure. Just sayin’.

kymera wand

Does your guy have a propensity to play the “being a motherfucking sorcerer” card in Cards Against Humanity? Does Harry Potter float his boat? Is Gandalf his fave? Has he always just wanted an amazing magic wand that actually did stuff? Good, because science has given us a real magic wand remote of badassery and for $74 it can be yours and with a name like Kymera, it’s got to be good, right? You wave the wand in different patterns to make things happen, up to 13 different patterns can be used to control your world with technology so advanced it’s indistinguishable from magic. Great for any and all true believers. (Yes, a Stan Lee ref after an Isaac Asimov ref, deal with it!)

You Must Really Love Him


Perfect for the discerning gamester or the design artisan geek near you, this Typography Scrabble Version 2 set utilizes a different type face for each letter AND a high end board that really elevates your game. A perfect addition to your gaming collection that will stand up to the scrutiny of your Geek Chic Labs table and at only $199 on sale for V-Day luxurious gaming can be yours.

Impossible Photo Lab

The Impossible Instant Photo Lab System lets you print instamatic looking prints right from your iPhone. Basically you install the iPhone app, then you buy the system, it takes a picture of your screen and screens it onto the film it uses, it actually doesn’t print like a printer which is what makes it so cool. It’s on sale for a mere $299.00 so if you really love your photography geek, snatch one before it goes back to being over $300.


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