Epic Eats: Victoria’s Pasta Shop in Norman, OK

If there is one thing in the world that culinary lovers the world over can agree upon it’s that handmade pasta that’s fresh is inherently better than anything you can buy at a grocery store. It’s even better when someone else is doing all the work for you so that you can enjoy perfect semolina pasta without getting all sweaty in the kitchen. After a weekend long trip to Norman, OK, which I discovered on the trip has a rather dismal food culture, I came across the holy grail of awesome foods: a pasta shop with handmade pasta.

It was exactly like what you would expect from such a place in Austin, run by the most polite hippies that there have ever been, pumping mellow electronica a la Phutureprimitive in the kitchen. A killer old building that they left all the architectural details in that I loved them for. Then there was the smell when you walked in… the smell of amazing food that’s cooked from scratch. This place was going to make up for everything that everywhere else in town had lacked food-wise and the horrifying hotel I had been forced to occupy all weekend. I could feel it.


I grabbed their daily special which was a spicy alfredo with sun-dried tomatoes, hatch chilies, and artichoke hearts and I added their spicy red to it. “Holy crap” uttered the waiter, who was a totally hott outdoorsy type with perfect manners that I wanted to marry then and there “with a spicy pink, that’s going to taste awesome, great choice.” I could tell he was being sincere. I was trying not to swoon.


The only thing more swoon-inducing than Hottie McHunkerson was the pasta upon arrival. I have not had such amazing pasta outside of Pino Luongo’s Centolire on Madison Ave. Look at the perfection, it was so heavenly I forgot all about the waiter.


One of my cohorts got the sampler with 2 kinds of pasta and a lasagna roll and had nothing bad to say about any of it. Look at the portions here. Our cups were never less than 1/4 empty. I probably should have totally hit on our waiter who was obviously being attentive to check me out, but the food, she was such a sexy siren I just couldn’t possibly be bothered to care about any of that.

As an added bonus, they have style, I climbed on top of the toilet in the women’s bathroom just to snap this shot of what I am relatively sure is their offering to Satan to have such amazing food because this stuff was so good it had to be sinful. If you’re ever in Norman, OK, and do not go here you will be sadly disappointed by everything else food-wise that town has to offer.

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