The weather outside has been fantastic, in the typical Texas in January sense of the word. It’s either 70 or freezing, and luckily for me it’s been freezing less often than the alternative so I’m out and about whenever I can be. To enjoy it. Today I took a 3 or 4 mile hike to get it touch with nature and just soak in the day.

I discovered that there IS wifi in this part of the park so this could totally by my office for the day, and took advantage of it. Note my killer thrifty outlet Fossil tablet case that was a whopping $4.99.

Also note my poor friend Ms. Softball who was lost and abandoned, though previously quite loved by a small girl who wrote about how she loved softball all over its surface. I took the softball home so that it can be enjoyed and loved again.

I’m going to pretend I’m the kind of amazing skater baddie who can totally ollie on rocks at a river because somehow that’s how this pic came out instead of me jumping off a rock and looking all cool in shadow.


In addition to the softball I found another friend, this one I did not take home, nor was it lost.

Good deed for the day, some kid will need that sock in the future and there it is.

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