Yet More Healthy Eats from Bouldin

We found ourselves back at Bouldin. Seriously, we have gone at least once a week since the start of the year and have had nothing but great experiences that have all ended in culinary wonderment. They make some great stuff AND the last trip tipped me off to their dinner menu.

You will remember that I had the Wild Mushroom South Austin Stir Fry what I am going to call a few days ago fully knowing it was something around 2 days ago. However, there were SO MANY interesting options on the dinner menu, we couldn’t help ourselves but go again to do some more exploration. 😀

This is where I came across the awesomeness of the Aztec Pasta. They make this marvelous spicy chipotle pesto that has nuts in it, and this pasta sauce was about 50% that (which I was more than OK with) and 50% red sauce. As I’m not actually vegan, I just play one on TV on occasion, I added the feta to take it up a notch. It was pretty much as fabulous as it sounds. My only complaint at all would be I would have liked a little more veggies in the mix, but since we started off the night with a squash and pumpkin seed filled guac, I will give it a pass. Did I mention I am basically addicted to scallions/green onions and this satiated my obsession for the night? Just. That. Good.

Here you can see his choice in the background. Jealous of my South Austin Stirfry from 2 days before, he got one of his own. I was a little jealous because he got more sriracha and veggies than I had so his was pretty much perfect in every way, hence him loving it.

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