Beer Review: Rogue Ale’s Voodoo Doughnut Inspired Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Ale

As I stated yesterday, the boyfriend is in a crunch at work and needed a little pick me up, naturally this led me to seek out geeky and unique beer of epic proportions. Looking for GOT: Taste the Black, I ended up coming home with this beer instead. I had really high hopes, the packaging was clever, Voodoo doughnuts are legendary, and it was hard to imagine chocolate, banana, and peanut butter not being delicious. The pricetag was slightly ridiculous at $12.99, but he’s totally worth it, so I took the plunge and threw together a whole meal around this fantastic beer experience to make him feel less stressed and more loved. If the doughnut it was based on, the Memphis Maffia from Voodoo, was amazing, surely this beer couldn’t suck, right?

Chocolate peanut butter banana

One problem, the beer didn’t go with the food and honestly didn’t go with the title Ale. Just look at the above pic. It’s basically a stout, put stout on the label and let people know what to expect. Then there was the flavor– you get the chocolate, albeit a bitter Belgian-ish dark chocolate flavor that adds even more bitterness to an already stout brew, and a nice banana on the afters like a good Hefeweisen, but the peanut is very muted. There is a touch of nuttiness if you are actively looking for it and know what nuts in beer tastes like, I was glad I had just gotten him a great nutty Scottish ale for the previous night and my like for Newcastle Nut came in handy in identifying the tinge of peanut.


I’m not saying this beer is awful, it’s perfectly drinkable. However, it really doesn’t live up to the expectation. I was frustrated that it was such a dark and bitter brew when it was listed as an ale, that they used a super bitter chocolate to make it extra bitter (I’m talking on par with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout here, folks), and so it was a bit of a $12.99 let down. That said, he also loves the packaging and wants to keep the bottle so it’s not a total loss, but I am now highly skeptical about their Bacon Maple Syrup Voodoo Ale, which is sad because it too sounds promising on paper.

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