My First Gingerbread House :D

Something that I had always lamented in my childhood was that I never made a gingerbread house. That seems silly and I’m sure not all families make them, but I always thought that the idea of one was totally the coolest thing ever. When I was at the Williams-Sonoma outlet geting the Tajin/Tagine that I got my sis and bro in law, I came across a lovely $5.99 chocolate gingerbread Halloween mansion. This was a) automatically better because chocolate, b) a far cry from the almost $40 Christmas themed set, and c) matches my family tradition of watching The Addams Family (because it starts with carolers) for Christmas.

The kit came with everything you needed but we ended up adding a few Christmas touches.


Iced together minus the roof, the icing included was nice and thick. 1388072493896

Now mit roof.1388072524404

Tons of work later, it was starting to take shape…1388072548590

Our finished product included gumdrops, M&Ms, peppermints, licorice, and sprinkles from our personal stash, as well as the provided bats, and mini gumballs. Yes, that IS a licorice smokestack in the back. 1388072572862

It took 3 bags of M&Ms to have the correct colors to satisfy my sis and my collective OCD. 1388072600483

Putting the roof together, we ran out of their thickened icing and made our own, but it didn’t set up quite like I liked so we ended up with what looked like snow dripping down the edge. 1388072628775

a closer look at the back of the house reveals more use of the Halloween candy.1388072655611

more detail of our roof slippage ๐Ÿ™ next time we will correct with some arrowroot1388072674457

A bird’s eye view of the epicness.1388072694885

Our grand final product ๐Ÿ˜€1388072765661

The devil is in the details, my sis meticulously filled the window ridges with thin icing and pressed in the sprinkles. Note the effort on making the trees into the window ledge. A for effort. 1388072793481

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