2014: Keepin’ it Healthy

As I revealed earlier this week, one of my personal goals for 2014 is keeping my diet healthier, more veggies, less meat, less dairy, less processed foods, more whole grains, more fresh stuff. I’m lucky because I live in a city which is relatively friendly to vegan and vegetarian options, so I decided to try out a new vegetarian restaurant for the New Year. Bouldin Creek Cafe on South 1st.

The food was in a single word FANTASTIC!!! I had an omelet with leeks, mushrooms, Gruyere cheese, and a peppered sauce. Also vegan beans which had both cumin and cinnamon in them, which was a fun take on flavor, and some fruit. Sadly my pic is a little lowfi, I probably had it set on macro still. 🙁image

The pies de resistance was the best oatmeal I have ever eaten in my life for dessert. It’s steel cut rolled oats and they use fresh apple juice instead of water, add granola, cinnamon, chunks of apples, and a touch of almond milk. It’s like eating a healthy and fabulous apple strudel that’s magically delicious. It’s seriously made me want to start getting creative with Oatmeal.


I definitely see us coming back in the future because this place has an amazing menu and as a total bonus is SUPER reasonable on their pricing, so we can get an appetizer of freshly made hummus, a beer for him, 2 entrees, and dessert for less than 2 entrees most places.





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