Kitchen Experiment 9881: French Oven Pot “Roast”

I love pot roast, and my brother in law makes the best pot roast I’ve ever had. No, really, one day I will blog it and you will understand. Speaking of my brother in law, he and my sister got me a super duper late (my birthday is in the summer) birthday gift and gave me a French Enameled Dutch Oven for Thanksgiving. It’s a Lodge brand, which the Hungry Moose actually tested empirically and found entirely comparable to Le Creuset. Naturally, my love of pot roast meant it would be my first recipe in my new culinary marvel.


For starters, you need roast. There was a problem, I went to HEB the week following Thanksgiving and their meat section was heavily picked over. No roasts were to be found. Fortunately I’m well trained and know my cuts of meat, which you can totally learn more about with this awesome diagram. I was looking for a nice and thick piece of meat that had decent marbling and was from one of the two sections of beef that roast meet comes from: the shoulder, or rump. I managed to get a great thick piece of meat that was labeled as a shoulder steak, but take a good look at it and tell me it’s not roastworthy.

Once I had my meat, I pretty much utilized all the holiday leftover veggies.

1 Roast (or in my case an adequately sized “shoulder steak”)
2.5 lbs organic red potatoes (they only had organic left at the store so do what you want there, but red or gold potatoes will work best for this recipe)
.5 bushels of celery
.5 large red onions
1 bag baby bella mushrooms (or white, whatever)
1 yellow crookneck squash
1 zuchini
1 green bell pepper

Rubbed Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Dried Celery, Dried Green Onions, Dried Shallots, Better Than Bouillon: Beef, Minced Garlic, Lemon Pepper

1) Cut all veggies, rough cutting is fine.
2) Brown your meat with your veggies in a Skillet. I use a little water over adding butter, but that’s me, it’s up to you. Cook until your veggies are al dente.
3) Toss all that, 4-6 cups of water, 2 TBS Better Than Bouillon, and your seasonings (to taste) in your Dutch oven at 350 for 40ish minutes, flip your meat at 20 mins.
5) When you remove the roast from the oven, you should be able to literally pull it apart with 2 forks, I shredded mine to ensure that each bite had some meat in it, you can also just slice it into bits.
4) Serve in bowls, with or without bread.

Pro-Tip: This is a relatively clean recipe, the BTB is a little questionable but if you used your own beefstock you would be fine.

Cook Time: 1-1.5 hours


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