Thrifty Thursday: A Small Coach Bag for a Birthday Gift

My Find:
A Small Coach Bag
My Price:
Half off of $7.99
Why It’s A Good Buy:
Coach is everywhere right now. If you are able to determine if a bag is authentic, it’s in good condition, and it’s under $40, it’s never a bad buy.
Why It’s Good For Me:
I got it for my sister for her birthday. I did carry it 2-3 times before I did, just to make sure it was in working condition. 😉

So, let’s talk Coach products for a minute. You have to be sure that the product that you are buying is authentic. If it’s not and the  product is half off of $7.99, it doesn’t matter so much. What if this purse was $40.00 though? $40.00 for a reasonably good quality but small used replica just doesn’t cut it.

Here’s a quick list of tells:
1) Check the fixtures:
If the zipper sucks on any designer bag, it’s not authentic. Period.
Most designers, Coach included, will post their brand logo on every single surface that they can, so check clasps, buttons, etc. If it’s got generic buttons, it’s a dead giveaway you probably don’t have the real deal. For a Coach bag you need to look for the following: are the fixtures good quality metal? Do the fixtures have Coach stamped on them? If appropriate, does your bag have feet (big bags usually will, some small bags will)? Have you ever seen a Coach bag like it before? Are the zippers quality?
2) Check the Workmanship:
The devil is in the details, designers pay their craftspersons for detail. Counterfeiters don’t. Is it leather or pleather? Most designers do not use pleather, so it’s generally a tell. Check stamps specifically. No designer will EVER allow a bag to go out that is stamped unevenly/improperly/upside down/anything that isn’t totally legit. Bother to take 5 seconds and see what the stamp is supposed to look like. Louis Vuitton is made in Paris, Coach doesn’t have a city stamped on the outside. Older Coach bags will have an ID number on a leather plaque inside. They have abandoned that method, but it’s a good tell for a vintage bag. Check the interior material of the bag, does it feel quality? Finally, check the stitching, if it looks uneven there’s no way it’s an authentic product.
3) Check the Trademark Look:
Coach bags that are jacquard have the signature Coach C’s on them. When facing one another, they are connected, just like on this bag. The C’s can be tiny or huge or even optically printed on top of one another in multiple colors, but they will always touch when facing one another. Other designers have other trademarks, LV bags will have either white or red on the edge of all the leather, it will be finished and not painted on.
4) Check the Quality of the Bag:
Even if a bag is authentic, if it’s filthy, damaged, or showing serious wear, it’s just not worth as much. You get to decide what works for you. If it’s jacquard I wholeheartedly recommend taking the time to Scotch Guard it to prevent staining. I also suggest the finished plastic as a choice. If it’s leather, keep it conditioned and supple.

Finally, if something is a reasonably good replica, you can buy it if you want, but don’t waste your time on replicas that don’t cut the mustard, you’re not fooling anyone. Either way, this is a cute and fun bag that goes with many looks and made a great birthday gift. I also got her a few other things, I’m not a total cheapskate.



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