Funday DIY: Bottlecap Magnets

I was feeling a little down and wanted to do something fun for Father’s Day. Not because the boyfriend is a father but because I wasn’t going to be able to see either of mine. I settled on a super simple magnet project made from bottlecaps. This would be a great kids projects if you have a family because it’s pretty hard to mess up and is fun and the end result is super cute:


First you are going to need a few bottle caps. I chose beer bottle caps because the boyfriend likes fun indy beers and we’ve been collecting the bottle caps since we moved to this house. I found that Shiner bottle caps work really well because they do really artsy and fun bottle caps. We had gotten a Shiner Family Reunion pack for a party a while back and that provided us with some great caps to work with and then we had all manner of other ones. I laid them out to decide who would make the cut.


Shiner on one side and everything else on the other. 1370044028257

Once we made our selections, I grabbed wood glue, thin cork board, and some strong magnets.

THe magnets I got for $2.99/dozen at JoAnns, the Cork was left over from another project, we already had the wood glue, and the bottle caps were a byproduct of people consuming the beverages. Note: we’re actually light drinkers this is a year and a half of bottle caps. 😉1370044043891

In what might be the simplest construction ever, glue the magnet to the cork and the cork to the bottlecap. Make sure that you cut the cork thick enough to keep the sides of the bottle cap from scratching your fridge, you can also stamp the bottlecaps flatter if you want to aid in the process. 1370044061413

Once glued your end product will look a little like this. I used extra strong magnets because I wanted these magnets to be able to hold up photos, if you use a weaker magnet you will have weaker staying power. 1370044104374

Repeat your process on the rest of your bottle caps and you should have something about like this. 1370044127912

Now put something heavy on them overnight. I used a dictionary. 1370044148269

aaaaand… you’re done. Sprinkle them all over your fridge and use them to hold up pics, report cards, whatever. Artfully make a collage on your fridge. Have fun with it. 1370044195956 1370044211136



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