Home Improvement Project May: Deck Restaining

One of the key things that sold us on the house was the fabulous deck out back. The only problem was it was high time for it to be restained and protected. Here’s what it looked like before:

And here’s our after. We used Olympus 6 year stain and sealer in Russet because it was a little dark and also a little reddish. It will over time sun bleach a little lighter.


It was a bit of a bigger than expected undertaking but it wasn’t bad at all. Basically we had to get a cleaner for the deck to get off the old stain and the dirt. We got a hand sprayer to do that with and it took about 4 hours for one of us to do it.


We used 1.5 gallons of stain and it took us 3 light coats to get the color that we wanted. However, we know the deck will now stand up to years of parties.

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