A Romantic Dinner for Two

You should remember my post about how to do V-Day right, if not it’s here.  So it’s only fair if I share with you how I celebrated my V-Day this year. Just like last year, we cooked something because it’s V-day and our 6-month-versary, is there a proper name for that? Our semi-annual-versary… whatever. Point is, with my food allergy to vinegar it’s not like we’re going to get what we want at a fancy schmancy place on V-day anyway, so we make a thing of cooking something and this year we were all about the Steelhead Trout.*

We nabbed the main noms from Costco this year, as opposed to last year’s Central Market extravaganza. So there aren’t a ton of cool and artsy pics of the market like there were last time. However, at the new house there was more of an ability to make things romantic as you will see.

Main Dish:

Steelhead Trout which I seasoned with Barrier Reef Seasoning from the ever amazing Savory Spice Shop and cooked on the grill he got for our 2 year in the fish basket I got him for our 2 year. Look at how amazing that spice mix is, now buy it here, and thank me later.

1360892804503Pro Tip: Cutting Steelhead Trout Skin is a total pain, if you don’t have to pre-cooking the fish then don’t. In this case, it was too big for the basket so I got to save some for later 🙂

1360894841503Here’s what the trout looked like cooked on the grill after about 10 minutes. Steelhead has a great and distinctive taste. The one we had was very flaky and the citrus peel in the spice mix was wonderful with the fish.


Smashed Potatoes

Grab some red potatoes, cut into cubes, boil them until tender, throw them in a bowl, grab some Philly whipped with chives, mix the two with a fork. Keep adding the whipped Philly to taste. I also added some California Chives from Savory Spice Shop. I didn’t bother to skin the potatoes because I actually find I like the skins in this recipe.


Boiled Squash and Steamed Broccoli


I am a huge fan of boiled crookneck squash. I slice it, add a little salt, a little sugar, and boil it. You can add cheese to the top. This is a super oldschool and very simple recipe my grandma taught me.

I love broccoli, he loves broccoli, it goes well with fish. I just used a steamfresh bag of it.


I used the same ice cream from last year. The chocolate one with the handspun caramel and peppers. Still fabulous. Read all about High Road Aztec Chocolate-Caramel here.

I also nabbed him a little something special: Godiva strawberry champagne bites.



Let’s talk setting the mood:

The back yard is super swanky, so it’s not like I needed to do much. I pulled out the table I have back there. Used a table runner I got as a gift at my brother’s wedding last year to make it classy. Pulled out some of my Fiestaware I Craigslisted last year. Put his roses in a vase. Set up the Pomegranate Sparkling Beverage I found at T.J. Maxx for $1 left over from Christmas or something. Oh, and threw out some candles I grabbed on sale at T.J. Maxx because he was going to be home late.


Pinterest-worthy, I know.

1360884945512This bouquet actually has the roses I got for him as well as the ones he got for me. Mine are the dusty ones, and the fire dancer roses are his. I thought they were nice and manly.

1360894859323Super Romantic and Healthy Dinner Noms 😀

A Whole Post Script About the Awesome Roses I Got Him

I was looking for something manly, and he really likes video games so when I saw these they totally made sense. They are some sort of wild rose that looks like flames. I would love to plant one but I can’t actually seem to find this varietal anywhere. It’s a 2 color yellow with red tips but also the rose has scalloped petals and blackishness towards the very tips.

1360876236618Are they not absolutely gorgeous? They also lasted a super long time.

1360876085149You can maybe see the scalloping better in this one.

1360876138509SO pretty.


*Rhyme initially unintentional




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