Game Review: Torchlight II

Quick Score: A/A-

Many of the people who worked on Diablo moved on to Torchlight and then they brought us the awesomeness that is Torchlight II. I’m perhaps a little different in that I like multiplayer games but I also like not necessarily having to play MMO style multiplayers because I like being able to just run around and blow things up with my friends. Torchlight II allows me to do just that, therefore it’s a fun ride.

That is not everything fun/unique/different that Torchlight has to offer, however. One cool thing is that everyone gets a pet, and you can use your pet to carry extra stuff, which is always neat, but there’s also the bonus that you can send your pet into town on a long level and for 2:00 you’re out a pet to help you fight but it returns with more space for stuff and some hard earned swag. Brilliant. You can also teach your pet spells so that it can raise an army of skeletons or heal you, amongst other options. There are also a bevy of pet use items which you can get from quests or even fish out of bodies of water. Fishing will also give you exotic foods to feed your pet to turn them into bizarre and helpful creatures for your pleasure and entertainment.

Additionally, there are sockets on most wearable items which allow you to pop in gems and rare items to give them power. Lots of games have this, but Torchlight allows you to find secret characters who will add sockets for a price and allows you to destroy an item to get your socketable back or destroy a socketable in an item in order to upgrade which makes it an easier system than most. As a bonus there are lots of fun unique socketables you get from killing bosses, etc. so the possibilities are almost endless.

Playability is simple but effective, world designs are expansive and benefit the explorer with lots of bonus areas and missions. Easter eggs abound, there’s even a small Minecraft themed area which gives you a rare Minecraft drop. Once you’ve played through the game there are lots of optional maps, etc. which make re-playability high.

Snag it at a Steam sale for less than $10 and you’re savvy, honestly the game is totally worth up to $20. Do factor in all the extra content, though and if it is available in a package deal, opt for that because you will want it.

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