Obligatory Thanksgiving Post… a Little Late, But That’s OK

I believe I’ve mentioned that I worked like a slave from August-most of December and the only time in that period I had 2 consecutive days off was for Thanksgiving, which was nice because I had not seen my family ALL YEAR.

I went to the sister’s farm, as is my way for big holidays. I wanted to relax, sleep, eat awesome food, and be cuddled profusely by dogs. I got all those things and a chocolate pie as a bonus so it was a real treat.

Upon arrival, Mollie made me feel at home. She follows me literally everywhere and if she can’t find me she runs around looking for me.

I started my morning off right, with an English Muffin slathered in crab dip like a red-blooded American.

Then I slapped on the cobalt Williams-Sonoma apron I got my brother-in-law last Christmas (I don’t have a W-S apron, so I must love them too much because she got the Christmas red and green one last year, too). So that I could help in the kitchen.

I shed no tears mincing this onion. Note the epic cutting board, I’m jealous.

Then I got to whip up some herbed butter with my sister’s pro-series Kitchenaid Mixer. Also lustworthy, I keep Craigslisting and I have not found a pro-series in a color I’m OK with in my price range.

Mashed potatoes were my job, boiled them up while I whipped the butter.

We added fresh chives from the garden to make it extra epic.

Then on to the Brussel Sprouts. I know what you’re thinking, but if you roast them, they are DELICIOUS because it brings out a sweetness you don’t think would be there. We also roasted up pecans with them. I’ve also added a touch of cranberry jelly (homemade not that solid can business) to give it another sweet flavor to go with the roasted nuts and sprouts.

You cut them all in half like this:

Spoiler Alert: I got the knife I am using in this pic for Christmas because they culinarily spoil me rotten.

Then you baste them with a little oil, water, salt, and pepper like this:

You roast them with foil over the cookie sheet at 500 degrees until they look about like this (generally around 20 mins):

Then, the creamed onions… I finally got to learn how to make an authentic Bechamel sauce from scratch. We used flour, butter, a touch of cream, some milk, and a little cheese. You can cook the butter and flour longer to create brown gravy or add more cheese and cream to make an Alfredo. Point is, a technique worth learning, so do it.

Basically you use pearl onions for our purposes and it comes out about like this:

The turkey had been brined for 2 days in a mix of stock and herbs pulled fresh from out back. Brining keeps it nice and moist which can be a major problem when cooking most non-greasy (white-meat) fowl while also adding flavor.

Because a family holiday for this part of the family would not be complete without TWO meats and the vegetarian part of the family was safely 4 hours away, we also pulled out some aged prime rib. Why? ‘Merica, that’s why… OK, seriously it’s because there were 3 teenage boys in the house that consume their weight in meat every 4 hours.

The spread: Mashed potatoes, creamed pearl onions, roasted brussel sprouts, green beans (which I did not help with), the most epic corn ever (this was fresh corn we cut from the cob, added bacon and hatch chile peppers to, and then a touch of cream), Hawaiian rolls, and then my Aunt brought every sweet treat ever… Tollhouse pie, chocolate pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie.

Plated it came out like an epic amount of food.

My aunt made this pecan pie from a recipe from the 1800’s which uses vinegar to cut down the sliminess that sometimes occurs in pecan pie, which made it a no go for me, but great for everyone else. I concentrated on the chocolate pie anyway.

The sis and I had the same fashion idea for the big day. Necklaces by K8E Studios paired with bold stripes.

After food, I kissed everyone goodbye and drove 4 hours home because I had to work at 5am the next day like a total slave. Ironically all that cooking was far more relaxing than anything else I had done in the previous few months. I guess when you’re home, you’re home.

Don’t worry, Mollie, I will be back for Christmas and it’s only a month away.

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