Game Review: Worms Reloaded

Quick Score: B

This game is only really fun if you have other people to play it with.  It’s EXTRA fun if those people are as clueless as you are on how to use the weapons.  I suggest getting it on sale and nabbing a 4 pack unless your friends already have the game, at which point you should buy it if it’s up to $10.00.  Unless something drastic changes in future incarnations of worms, you won’t need an upgrade any time soon because the game hasn’t changed much in 10 years.

Kill your “friends” with tons of odd and innovative weapons.  That’s what worms is all about.  It’s a great way to solve disputes and the like.  Downsides, I think this game theoretically has voice chat but I’ve never gotten it to work so go ahead and set up a voice chat in Steam, you will want to mock one another mercilessly.


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