Game Review: Samorost 2

Quick Score: A-/B+

This game is simple, older, and should not cost you more than $5.00 under any circumstances.

It’s an old but REALLY PRETTY point and click.  The game is challenging but is in no means inaccessible to the casual gamer.  The soundtrack is good, and the story is fun. The whole thing is made via photoshopping natural and unnatural elements to give it an organic feel and I really appreciate and enjoy the design aspect.  The point and click is simple but effective and many of the puzzles are challenging because they are situationally based, meaning you must complete tasks in a specified order and in some cases with timing (one thing has to be juuust right in order for it to work).

I’ve actually taken to playing this one with the boyfriend and we’ve worked out the puzzles together which has been really fun because we are sharing things we both like.  It’s also Steam cloud supported because it’s so simple and is essentially browser based.


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