Game Review: Magicka

Quick Score: A/A-

This is another good cheapie you can coop with.  I am a fan of socialized gaming, so coop to me is important. This game offers coop, slews of geek references, and a unique gamestyle to make it totally worthwhile, even if you’re paying $20.00.

Alchemy is the name of the game when it comes to how you interact with the environment and it’s a unique and fun way to go about it.  There are 5 slots, 6 elements represented by letters on your keyboard and you get to go nuts making combos to your hearts content to destroy enemies, solve puzzles, heal buddies, or just to discover the silly names some of them have. References to geek culture abound and keep things interesting and not particularly serious, making this a great casual game.

It’s a real-time strategy RPG, meaning it’s like Final Fantasy but with fighting that is real-time. There’s TONS of replayability even if the story sometimes goes quickly and the game is fun.

That said, the game is also randomly buggy at times, playing with one friend after a bit he is unable to move repeatedly in multiplayer mode but not in solo mode.  Though, personally my biggest problem was forgetting I needed to not cast electricity after I made it rain.

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