Tasty and Simple Chicken “Parmesean”

The boy is worried his gout is acting up, so I needed a simple and effective recipe.  Additionally, my swim suit came in the mail today and I have some wirk to do for swim season.

So, I grabbed some trusty Panko, my premade spaghetti sauce I keep on hand, chicken, a canister of philly whipped cream cheese I needed to use, and some whole wheat pasta.

First I added some italan seasoning to the panko, while the chicken defrosted.  Then I used 2 eggs and a little olive oil to stick the panko to the 4 chicken breasts. 

I slapped that on a greased cookie sheet, and into the oven it went at 375 for 10 mins, then I flipped them, cooked it for 15, scooped some philly on top, and cooked for 5 mins. 

Then, paired it with some steam fresh green beans, and BAM. 




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