House Hunting-Part 1

So, randomly this summer I suggested to the boyfriend that he should buy a house because interests rates are low enough that it would not be significantly different from his house payment and it was a good investment.  I included this craazy listing for a house that was foreclosed and up for $60k.

We continued to toy with the idea, and the more that happened the less of a ridiculous joke it became and the more of a reality it started to become.  One problem, there had to be a perfect house.

Now let me explain a few things:

1) Even with the housing market failing like a champ most places, in Austin the housing market dipped for less than a year and is already back into being a seller’s market.

2)The list of desirables is quite frankly obnoxiously long, tedious, and probably not something that can be found:

  • 2 living spaces (one for gaming, and one for living)
  • a fireplace
  • a nice kitchen, preferably with gas stove/oven
  • a decent yard with old-growth trees in the back and/or front
  • lots of storage
  • a large master
  • at least 2 other bedrooms, both of at least 9’x9′ dimensions
  • at least 2 baths, preferably 2.5
  • as little carpet as possible
  • a decent southwest Austin neighborhood
  • a garden tub in the master
  • a covered porch or patio
  • space for entertaining guests
  • open floor plan or at least unique features
  • at least 1300 s/f+, preferably 1500 s/f+
  • oh… and at 145k or less

3) Did I mention the median value for homes in SW austin is right around $200k with some areas well into the $300k+ ranges?

That being said, we are willing to take something with issues (cosmetic issues, no messed up foundations, etc.) and put in sweat equity to make it shine.

This has been a grueling process.  In 4 months we’ve looked at lots of houses, have made 2 bids, have attempted to make 2 or 3 more, and have looked at more houses than I care to admit.  Most were not workable, and those that were sold so quickly that it would make your head spin. It drives a girl mad.

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