2.186 Artichoke Thistle?

I’ve been walking around the neighborhood to keep in shape now that I am not walking to class/work all the time.  One of the neighbors has this crazy artichoke thistle looking plant. I have no ... Read More

2.175 Laze in the Grass

Cast Party for The Alchemist.  Did I mention that I LOVE St. Augustine.  I kept laying in it and rolling around like some sort of eco freak.  I will pretend it was to get this ant’s eye view ... Read More

2.162 Decay in Bloom

Can you believe something this awesome was blooming in our backyard with NO effort put into it? I did catch it a little after the most optimal time for it, but I love the hibiscus that’s back th... Read More

2.161 The Best Kind of Cat

Introducing: Pei Wei, the not so neighborhood cat. When the boyfriend bought his house, the previous owners left us a note dealing with Pei Wei, the “neighborhood” cat.  However, they als... Read More

2.159 More Magnolia

This time I managed to get a closer shot and showcase more of the delicacy of the flower.  However, you an already see the tinges of death on the outside petal.  Well, at least it will live forever ... Read More

2.147 Beautiful Magnolia

Outside the education building there is this huge awesome magnolia tree and it’s been blooming.  I think magnolias are really quite pretty, the woman who lived across the street from my great a... Read More