2.160 Mas Zapatos

We tried our luck and Santa Rita down south, it’s by Escarpment in Circle C.  I hadn’t eaten at one in  a while and just remembered it being pretty tasty.  It’s also surprisingly ... Read More

2.155 Decisions, Decisions

And now I reach the existential question… with a full Cabo Bob’s frequent burrito eater card, do I go for free food or do I nab a free shirt next time I go in?  I just don’t know. ... Read More

2.143 Can Pizza Be Healthy?

Well, sorta, pizza can be healthier than it would have been if you weren’t trying to make it healthy.  Light cheese, all veggies, extra sauce, thin crust, wheat crust, it’s a good start.... Read More

2.117 Japanese Design

Japanese design never ceases to amaze me in how it has a place for everything and everything in its place with such symmetry.    This dish could have been a simple plate but by serving it this way e... Read More