2.151 I <3 the 70's

We are moving into another building which means all the department stalwarts are having to empty their shelves of dated books.  They’re free and I think it’s fabulous.  I scored this fro... Read More

2.124 SxSW

So if you’re not from Austin you may or may not have heard of South by Southwest or SxSW, it’s an arts/music/entertainment festival that is kinda a big deal.  To celebrate local stores mo... Read More

2.122 Yes, but what IS it?

We had to swing by Home Depot to pick up some “when you buy a new house you have to fix lots of things” supplies and I came across this extremely odd plant in their “plants that requ... Read More

2.118 IKEEEA

The boyfriend needed a desk to match the rest of his room, so naturally we had to make a trip to IKEA.  After an initial disagreement in what the needs and finishes for the desk would be, we were abl... Read More

2.117 Japanese Design

Japanese design never ceases to amaze me in how it has a place for everything and everything in its place with such symmetry.    This dish could have been a simple plate but by serving it this way e... Read More